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What are Vacuum Sealers and How do they work?

vacuum sealer is a type of a bag heat sealer which is used for various specialty packaging purposes. This sealer is used in packaging dried foods, electronics, coffee products and other materials which may breakdown more rapidly when exposed to air.

This heat sealer variant is a heavy duty machine which draws air out of the poly bag before it automatically seals it. Using this method the vacuum sealer also reduces the volume of the packaged product by removing trapped air left in the bag. This at times can be the mo...

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What type of Heat Sealer is right for me?

Now among all the heat sealers available at Impulse Sealer Supply you might wonder: 'Which of these heat sealers is the right one for my company's packaging needs'?

Before we look at finding an impulse heat sealer suitable for your company, first consider checking the production rate that is necessary for your company. It is also important to know the width and 'mil' thickness of the bag that is being sealed. After you are able to do so, judge for yourself which of the following sealing tools will best meet your company's sealing requirements:

Hand Impulse Sealers

Let's say your business sells small products and time for packaging is not of the essence. If this is the cae, we suggest then that you go for a hand sealer. Hand sealers are better for use with small items and slower rates of production. Hand sealers require you to have one hand to place the product in between the equipment and one hand to seal it. This little bit of time can add up and make the whole process slower. If this doesn't pose as a problem for you, then a hand sealer is the way to go.

Foot Impulse Sealers

In contrast to the hand sealer, a foot sealer presents a faster rate of production. This sealing device is actually geared for heavier products. But since this sealer is operated by foot, the weight of the product won't weigh down the speed of production because the product can be held with both hands by the operator. This allows the operator to go very fast and efficiently.

Automatic Impulse Sealers

These table top models allow for rapid sealing using both hands. They also produce a more consistent heat seal by using a measured time seal (rather than operator variable). Secondly a little known detail is that the automatic impulse sealers save on repair costs. In the hand sealers and foot sealers the operators try to limit the amount of time that the sealer cools down. They start going so rapidly that the sealer cannot effectively cool down, causing wear and breakage. The automatic impulse heat sealer has a set time cool down period to prevent this.