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Foot Sealer: The Sealer with Moxie

A foot sealer is a type of bag sealer which stands upright and is operated by a foot pedal allowing the user to handle the bag to be sealed with both hands.
Foot sealers also allow for sealing larger bags with heavier loads. Also, because foot sealers stand, they are very useful when sealing bags which contain liquid or other spillable contents.

These bag sealers come in two main variations. You can choose from either impulse foot sealers or Click here to read more

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Handy-Dandy Hand-Held Heat Sealers

If your business has low volume packaging and sells products in small bags then hand held sealers are right for you.

Hand held sealers are a smaller version of constant heat sealers and therefore can seal materials such as foil, Mylar, and polycellophane which have higher melting points than other materials. These bag sealers are perfect for use in industries which seal small products in small bags such as food products like spices, candy, and coffee. Hand held sealers allow the user free mobility when sealing bags, however only one hand is free to handle the bag while the other is needed to operate the sealer.

Hand held sealers come in two varieties, a clamp type and a roller type. The clamp type seals much more efficiently than the roller, however the roller sealer allows seals to be made on a curve or to seal very long bags which do not fit in regular heat sealers. Roller sealers are also useful in crafts, but do not offer a strong or consistent seal when sealing product in bags.

Both clamp and roller hand held sealers come in a variety of seal thicknesses. Clamp hand held sealers come in 10mm and 15mm thickness for the sealing element, and roller hand held sealers come in 1, 5, and 9mm thickness. Clamp sealers are 6in long and roller sealers can seal any length.