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Handy-Dandy Hand-Held Heat Sealers

If your business has low volume packaging and sells products in small bags then
hand held sealers are right for you.

Hand held sealers are a smaller version of constant heat sealers and therefore can seal materials such as foil, Mylar, and polycellophane which have higher melting points than other materials. These bag sealers are perfect for use in industries which seal small products in small bags such as food products like spices, candy, an...

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AIE Parts

Below are listed all the parts for AIE. Find the part you need from the part diagram for the tool you need the part for, and note the part number beside it. Then use the page selector Box or the Next link to move between pages until you find the same part number, and click the link for that part number.

Alternatively, you can type the part name in the text box next to the link that says "search for parts only", then click the link, and if you typed in the part number correctly, It will bring up a page with a link for just that part.
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Boatman Part No.Vendor Part IDVendorDescriptionPrice
1029880H-25AIE#10 #12 #13 #55 Post set for 1 side$25.00
1029881HL-09AIE#9 #12 #13 Post set for 1 side$20.00
1031016AIE-FWTAIE(New Style)Standard HvyDty Tbl 600 Series only$55.00
1030972K1000T2AIE1 (2mm) wire, 1 upper PTFE, 1 Lower PTFE$42.00
1029883Post-setAIE1 Post, 1 washer 1 spring$15.00
1029884ENDCAPFDAIE1 Red end cap for FD/FDA/FDC$5.00
1029885ENDCAPFLAIE1 Red end cap for FL/A1$5.00
1030973K1000TRAIE1 Round wire, 1 upper PTFE, 1 Lower PTFE$42.00
1029886TFS800AIE1pc of PTFE scroll$32.00
1031023TFS300A1AIE1pc of PTFE scroll$13.00
1029887TFS600AIE1pc of PTFE scroll$24.00
1029888TFS450AIE1pc of PTFE scroll$16.00
1029889TFS300AIE1pc of PTFE scroll$12.00
1029893AIE-FSX2AIE40 inch Foot Extension$120.00
1029894EF2432LAIEBag of 20 Element wires$374.00
1029895EF1818LAIEBag of 20 Element wires$240.00
1029896EF610VAAIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00
1029897EF610GAAIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00
1029898EF610VADAIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00
1029899EF805FLAIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00
1029900EF610FLAIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00
1029901EF610FIUAIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00
1029902EF610FITAIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00
1029903EF610FAAIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00
1029904EF610A1AIEBag of 20 Element wires$180.00

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